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  • Q: What kind of treatment system is being followed at www.ndayurveda.com for kidney patients?

    A: At ndayurveda.com we use a holistic approach for providing treatments to our kidney patients. Generally a patient is in a dilemma once he or she is diagnosed as having a medical renal disease or a chronic renal failure due to any reason. On the one hand most of the educated world guides that person to go to a nephrologist while on the other hand most of the nephrologists advice the patient to manage the condition with diuretics( if the urine output is less), antihypertensives (if B.P. is on the higher side), anti diabetics ( If the patient is diabetic), Erythropoietin( if the Hb of the patient is falling), and at the same time explain that chronic renal failure due to any reason is a progressive disease and the GFR and the functioning of the kidney will decrease with the passage of time despite all efforts and eventually the patient will require dialysis or Kidney transplant. So many patients are compelled to search for alternative medicines where most of the patients are having no choice but to take powders and kashayams etc. with non mentioned formulations and with the ayurvedic consultants having lesser knowledge of the latest diagnostic tests and development in the field of nephrology. Hence the patient wastes valuable time in switching from allopathy to ayurveda or from ayurveda to homeopathy time and again. Keeping this thing in mind we at ndayurveda.com use a holistic approach for treating our kidney patients and we use multiple medicinal systems namely:
    e)Chinese Herbology
    f)Spiritual Healing

    Which work in synergism with each other for the betterment and improvement of the patient. As a result the patient gets the best of each medicine system and shows quicker improvement.

    Q: As you just mentioned, most of the ayurvedic medicines are in the forms of choornams or kashayams with non mentioned formulations. How can we be sure of the safety profile of the medicines at ndayurveda.com?

    A: The medicines prepared for ndayurveda.com are only manufactured at GMP CERTIFIED and ISO certified units. The medicines are extract based herbal medicines without any heavy metals in any of the medicines for kidney patients. Each batch of the medicines manufactured has it's Lab Reports and MSD reports (Materials Data Safety), so that the medicines are completely safe for usage.
    The medicines are sealed and in tablet and capsule form making it very easy for consumption.

    Q: How can a patient start his/her treatment at ndayurveda.com. Is a personal visit to the centre essential ?

    A: For treatment, the patient can follow one of the following patterns as per convenience. a)ONLINE CONSULTATION
    Majority of the patients use our online services for treatment. Since in case of kidney disease it is the reports which provide us most of the information required for starting proper treatment, so we obtain the required reports from the patient through email/ fax/ courier. Based on those reports, our doctor prepares a questionnaire which is for the further knowledge and understanding of the disease. After obtaining the required information, our doctor is made to speak directly to the patient or attendant (in case patient is unable to speak). Finally medicine is delivered to the patient's doorstep with all the instructions to be followed mentioned alongwith.
    The patients are also provided with a helpline number where they can select the concerned department and obtain any information required. (+91-7307032211)

    A few patients visit the centre before starting the treatment. Although there is no medical need of this visit as the medicines remain the same whether a patient starts the medicines by online consultation or after visiting the centre, however a personal visit helps to boost us the confidence of the patient as he is able to interact with other similar patients taking treatments from the centre and showing good improvement. For consultation with our senior doctors, a prior appointment is mandatory.

    Most of the patients who visit our centre stay in our indoor admission wing for various panchkarma body detoxification procedures, which helps to remove the toxins from the body. The staying schedule is for 7/15/30 days, as per the need of the patient.

    Q:Is it safe to us ayurvedic medicines along with allopathic medicines?

    A: Yes it is completely safe to use ayurvedic medications along with allopathic medicines. It’s a myth that ayurveda and allopathy can’t be taken side by side and has been created by those ayurvedic doctors who don’t know much about allopathic medications and those allopathic doctors who don’t know much about Ayurveda. We are having both ayurvedic as well as allopathic doctors on our panel and we have well researched this concept that both ayurvedic and allopathic medications can be taken side by side.

    Q:What is the quantity of medicine that a person is required to take in a day?

    A: Since we use extract based herbal combinations in a tablet and capsule form, so the dosage is very convenient for the patient comprising of a few tabs and capsules two times a day, depending upon the condition of the patient.

    Q: Are there any side effects of your medicines?

    A:All of our medicines are with lab reports and MDS reports, and have been tested for safety. There are no side effects that have been reported ever.

    Q: What is the total course of the treatment ?

    A: The total course of treatment depends upon the condition of the patient, it can be as less as a few months, while some patients are required to take medicines for more than a year. At the time of starting the treatment, the patient is given an approximate time period for which the patient shall require to use the medicines. However the dosage of the medicines reduces significantly within the first few months as the patient starts to show the signs of improvement.

    Q: Are there any dietary precautions that need to be followed during the course of treatment?

    A: The dietary recommendations which are required to be followed are almost similar to those laid down by the allopathic doctors in case of kidney patient. The diet recommendations are mailed and provided in printed format to the patients at the start of treatment. If a patient follows the diet recommendations properly he/she gets a much better and quicker recovery.

    Q: What is the cost of the medicines?

    A: We at ndayurveda. com have developed various kinds of herbal combinations, which can provide desirable recovery in case of kidney patients. The patient is guided about the various options of treatment that are suitable in his/ her case. And as per the medicinal combination with which the treatment is started, the cost is calculated, and provided to the patient within 48 hours of getting the required details of the patient's current medical condition.

    Q: How can a patient judge that his/her condition is improving?

    A: There are various signs of recovery as well as various lab investigations that can help a patient judge that he/she is improving.
    a)SIGNS/SYMPTOMS showing that the patient is improving with the help of our medicines:
    Increase of appetite.
    Removal of Vomiting sensation (Nausea), if any at the start of treatment.
    Improvement in the general strength of the patient.
    Reduction in the swelling/ ascites if any.
    Increase in urine output.
    Reduction in Blood pressure.
    Increase in Hb levels.
    Removal of respiratory troubles (If any)
    One of more of the above positive changes indicate an improvement in patient with the help of our medicines.

    b) Lab. Investigations showing improvement:
    The most reliable of all tests in adjudging the improvement in a kidney patient is 24 hours urinary protein leakage. The patient is advised to go for this tests within first few days at the start of treatment, and then get it checked regularly at an interval of 15 days to see the reduction in the protein leakage in the urine.
    A reduction in the serum creatinine levels show good signs of recovery with the help of our medicines.
    A reduction in the blood urea levels shows recovery with the help of medicines.
    Serum Na, Serum K, Serum Phosphorous.

    Q: How can a person out of India get himself treated at www.ndayurveda.com?

    A: A. A person out of INDIA can choose from any of the treatment options available with us for patients:
    -If he/she wants online consultation, we can provide him the medicines at his doorstep as we are already having patients around the globe and are providing medicines to them. -If the patient wants to have a direct consultation with our doctors at our centre we help him getting a quick visa and arrange for full pick up and drop directly from airport and arrange for stay at our centre for the time period specified, however an an appointment needs to be registered as per our norms. -If the patient wants to stay at our centre for panchkarma therapies, he/she can stay just like other patients staying with us for treatments.

    Your check-up should include:

    1.. A test of protein levels in your urine. Healthy kidneys filter protein out of the urine. If your kidneys are damaged protein can leak into the urine, indicating the onset of kidney disease.
    2.A blood test for creatinine. Creatinine is a waste product produced from normal muscle activity. It’s removed from the blood by the kidneys, but if your kidneys are damaged, your blood will show very high levels of creatinine. The levels of creatinine in the blood can be used to calculate glomerular filtration rate (GFR).
    3. An ultrasound or CT scan. The ultrasound or CT scan obtains an image of the kidneys and urinary tract and determines if there is a kidney tumour, stone or other physical anomaly affecting the kidneys and urinary tract.
    4. A kidney biopsy. A kidney biopsy identifies the type of kidney disease present, the degree of damage to the kidneys can further suggests the best course of treatment.

    However we can start the treatment after getting a simple Ultrasound scan and a report giving us the levels of S.Creatinine and B.Urea.
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